Islamic Society of Wichita has grown substantially during past 10 years. Currently, there are Five Boards and several committees under each board. All together, more than 50 members of ISW are part of these boards and committees, performing different duties and assignments to provide many services to Muslims of Wichita.
Here is a list of all ISW Boards:

  1. Board of Trustees (BOT)
  2. Board of Administration (BOA)
  3. Board of Education (BOE)
  4. Board of Development (BOD)
  5. Board of Communications (BOC)

Prayer time

Wichita - USA

الثلاثا 14 جمادى الثانية 1443
Tuesday January 18 2022
Fajr 6:26 am
Sunrise 7:42 am
Duhr 12:40 pm
Asr 3:18 pm
Maghrib 5:37 pm
Ishaa 6:54 pm


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