Fajr    6:30 am
Duhr   1:45 pm
Asr   3:30 pm
Maghrib   5 min after Adhan
Ishaa   8:00 pm
Juma   2:00 pm


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AIS Expansion Project Print E-mail



Click here to see AIS Expansion Project Progress Pictures 

The AIS expansion is the third structure to be built on the 8.4 acre site, originally purchased by ISW in 1996. The first structure to be built was the Muslim Community Center with its groundbreaking in 2000 and the second structure, Darru Assalam Masjid, was completed in 2005.

The AIS Expansion is a two story structure with a total of 18,191 square feet. The building’s exterior materials are designed to match that of the two existing buildings so that the entire facility has a cohesive look. The school expansion includes: 16 classrooms, 2 labs, a media center and library. The expansion will also include: a principal’s office, school office and teachers’ lounge. Each floor has a men’s and women’s restroom. Two sets of stairs connect the upper and lower floors. The expansion is Masjid Darru Assalam located on the South/Eastern part of the property and required the removal of the two existing portable classrooms on site. The addition will be connected to the existing school through a hallway. The new structure is being built by the Evans Building Company and will be built in three phases: Phase 1a:Building Shell, Phase 1b:First Floor Interior and Phase 1c: Second Floor Interior. Construction cost for the entire project is $1.3 million.